Governing Body

King’s Lodge School

Governing Body

The Governing body at King’s Lodge school is a dynamic group of people from across the local community.  Our main role is to support and challenge the Headteacher and staff.  We are the school’s ‘critical friend’.

The School Development and Improvement Plan is the main document the school uses to outline its strategic plan for the year ahead.  We hold the headteacher to account against this plan whilst also giving ourselves targets to continually improve our own performance and ability to improve the school further.


The Governors at King’s Lodge School 2022-2023 are:

Governors 2022-23

We can be contacted via the School office.

We meet twice every term with a Functional Committee meeting followed by a formal Full Governing Body (FGB) meeting.  These meetings are both quite different.  The Functional committee meeting will deal with a host of issues and decisions relating to Staffing and Curriculum and Finance and Premises and will maintain the links to the SDIP.  The FGB will ratify any decisions where necessary and undertake our legal duties.  We’ll also use the FGB to have information sessions on relevant topics.  Our approach to these meetings can be seen here: CLICK HERE

Our legal duties include: –

  • Setting strategic direction, policies and objectives
  • Approving the school budget
  • Reviewing progress against the school’s budget and objectives
  • Appointing, challenging and supporting the headteacher

King’s Lodge School

Governor Attendance 

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