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Dear reader,

I would firstly like to apologise for the current unavailability of our website. This is frustrating for all of us as we now rely heavily on this online facility.

We are very proud of the information that is posted on , however due to technical problems with the server you are unable to access all our updates and information. Therefore, if you want any information about our school please feel free to email using the link below, pop into the office or phone us on 01249 444405. You can also follow me on Twitter for daily news items.

Rest assured technicians are working hard to fix the problem and we will keep you updated about progress on this page. We cannot wait to get back up and running so we can share all our exciting learning with everyone!

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Key Dates

Group 1 Bikeability –day 1 27th April
Yr 4 Braeside departs 9am 29th April
Special needs meeting 1.30pm 29th April
Yr4 Braeside returns 1st May
Bank Holiday 4th May
SATs week 11th to 15th May
Yr5 Langford Lakes 12th May
Group 1 Bikeability—day 2 14th May
Parent Forum meeting 14th May
Bags 2 School collection 15th May
Group 2 Bikeability –day 1 18th May
Group 2 Bikeability—day 2 21st May
Yr 6 Leavers photographers 4th June
KLF Summer Fair 5-7pm 12th June
Book Week 15th/16th June
Punctuation Show 18th June
Global Week 22nd-25th June
Yr 6 Junior Good Citizen trip 25th June
TD Day 26th June
Sports Day KS2 (am) F&KS1 2nd July
Yr6 Performance 6th/7th July
Yr2 Final Swim 8th July
YR & Yr 6 reports to parents 10th July
Celebration evening 13th July
Turnaround morning 14th July
KLF Discos for children 17th July

Contact Details

King’s Lodge Community School
Lodge Road
SN15 3SY

Tel: 01249 444405

Headteacher: Mrs Lynn Evans

Deputy Headteacher: Mr Peter Shewring

Assistant Head: Miss Amanda Woon

Administration Team: Mrs Louise Romain, Mrs Jean Ryan and Mrs Denise Tyrer

Finance Officer: Mrs Jayne Rickett