Maths Morning – 5th July 2018

Maths Morning


On Thursday 5th July 2018, four pupils from King’s Lodge had an amazing experience going to Sheldon School to take part in a Maths Challenge.  They had an extraordinary time solving problems with pupils from other schools.  They worked really hard and found success.

“I had a very exciting time at Sheldon.  My team won with 195 points so we got a medal!” said Ben R. in Year 3.

“The problems were difficult but we persevered,” said Lexi,  Year 3

“I really enjoyed this experience at Sheldon School and we all did very well,” said Nicholas, Year 5.

“I had a very nice morning at Sheldon.  I was very happy when I got twenty out of twenty in a very difficult problem but I really enjoyed it,” Lucia R, Year 5.

“I was really proud to be with the King’s Lodge team.  They showed good perseverance and resilience,” said Mrs Jones.