Governing Body

Welcome to the section of the website where you can find out more about the school’s governors, and the work that we do.

Our main role is to support and challenge the Headteacher and the staff – the phrase often used to describe this role is ‘a critical friend’. We help them to set and reach targets and to strive for excellence across the whole spectrum of school life.

At the beginning of each academic year, the FGB sets out a timetable of Agendas for meetings to cover all our statutory responsibilities and an Action Plan to focus on our key priorities for the year. The key documents used for this are the

  • School Development Improvement Plan (SDIP)
  • Ofsted Action Plan/School Self Evaluation Plan
  • Governors Review data from previous year

The SDIP sets out a strategic plan for the school, with targets that everyone works towards and provides key monitoring points for each of the Committees.

Our legal duties include :-

  • setting strategic direction, policies and objectives
  • approving the school budget
  • reviewing progress against the school’s budget and objectives
  • appointing, challenging and supporting the headteacher

Our priorities for this Academic Year  2016/17   include:

  • Maths : To improve the progress (value added) in maths throughout the school ensuring progress is in line with or above national, inc higher achievers and vulnerable groups
  • Assesent: To ensure regular, consistent and accurate teacher assessments across the school, in order to inform planning and enable good progress to be achieved
  • Self evaluation: The development of rigorous self evaluation across all the school stakeholders
  • Governance: To develop and improve leadership and management within the governing body ensuring support and challenge are provided to the school staff

The Governing Body meets at least once every term (once every 6-8 weeks). We have set up committees and working groups to look at particular issues (such as pay, performance management, buildings development, community links).

The Finance Committee (including  Headteacher and the School Finance Officer) meet regularly to keep an eye on school finances between our termly governor meetings. All governors are informed about what happens at these monthly finance meetings and the Chair of Governors, where required, signs approval of our required Finance Returns.

There are several categories of governor, appointed by different groups that have an interest in the school. These are Community governors, the Local Authority (“LA”), Parents, and Staff. All governors have equal status, however they are appointed except Associate Governors who have advisory status but no voting rights.

This website also has a list of our school governors, their roles and committees.

We are committed to providing and excellent environment for all pupils to enjoy during their time at our school.

King’s Lodge School

Governor’s roles and responsibilites 2016-17

 Name Title Type Term of Office  Committee  Sub Group  Link Gov  Relationships
 Michael Buckley Vice Chair Staffing & Curriculum


Authority  September 2018  STAFFING & CURRICULUM Pay panel Pupil Premium  None
 Richard Emerson-Pink  co-opted  September 2018  FINANCES & PREMISES Pay panel Health and Safety and Contracts


 Victoria Jones  Co-opted  FINANCE & PREMISES  None
 Dewi Jones  Chair Finance & Premises  Co-opted  June 2017  FINANCE & PREMISES  Maths  Nephew
of Chris Brown
 Ian Stone  Vice Chair Finance & Premises   Parent  June 2017 FINANCE & PREMISES  Appeals Panel Pupil Voice  None
 Debbie Price  Co-opted  September 2018  FINANCE & PREMISES  HT PM

Pay panel

 SEND  None
 Chris Harlock  CO-OPTED  June 2017  FINANCE & PREMISES   SCIP  Whistle -Blowing/
 Peter Shewring  Deputy Head  Staff  September 2016 STAFFING & CURRICULUM  Pupil Voice
Health & Safety
 Jackie Woodhead  CO-OPTED  June 2017  Staff Rep  None
 Kim Spencer  Head  Head  ALL FINANCE & PREMISES


 James Stewart  Community  September 2017  STAFFING & CURRICULUM  Appeals Panel  Data  None
 Chris Brown  Chair  Community  June 2017  STAFFING & CURRICULUM  HT PM  Well Being


 Aunt of Dewi Jones
 Pete Reading  Chair Staffing & Curriculum  Parent  May 2018  STAFFING & CURRICULUM HT PM  Science/ STEM  None
 Louise Romain  Associate  March 2017  –  None
King’s Lodge School
Governor Attendance Record 2016/17
28th Sept 16 24th Nov 16 26th Jan 17 16th Mar 17 18th May 17 5th July 17 Total
1  Kim Spencer Y Y Y Y Y Y 6
2 Michael Buckley Y  Y N Y Y Y 5
3 Peter Shewring Y Y Y Y Y Y 6
4 Debbie Price Y Y Y Y N Y 5
5 Chris Harlock Y Y Y Y Y Y 6
6 Ian Stone Y N Y Y Y Y 5
7 Richard Emerson-Pink N Y Y Y N N 3
8 Dewi Jones Y Y Y Y N N 4
9 James Stewart  Y N  N N N  N 1
10 Peter Reading  Y  Y Y  Y Y Y 6
11 Jackie Woodhead Y Y Y Y Y Y 6
12 Louise Romain Y Y Y Y Y Y 6
13 Christine Brown Y  Y Y Y Y  Y 5
14 Victoria Jones N  N  N  Y  Y  N  2
15 Michael Newbigin N N N N Y  N  1
16 Laurien Carter N N N N N Y 1