Maths Morning – 5th July 2018

On Thursday 5th July 2018, four pupils from King’s Lodge had an amazing experience going to Sheldon School to take part in a Maths Challenge.  They had an extraordinary time solving problems with pupils from other schools.  They worked really hard and found success.

“I had a very exciting time at Sheldon.  My team won with 195 points so we got a medal!” said Ben R. in Year 3.

“The problems were difficult but we persevered,” said Lexi, Year 3.

“I really enjoyed this experience at Sheldon School and we all did very well,” said Nicholas, Year 5.

“I had a very nice morning at Sheldon.  I was very happy when I got twenty out of twenty in a very difficult problem but I really enjoyed it,” Lucia R, Year 5.

“I was really proud to be with the King’s Lodge team.  They showed good perseverance and resilience,” said Mrs Jones.