Yr 2 World Book Day 2nd March 2017

Thursday 2nd March


Today is World Book Day.  Everyone brought their favourite book to school and shared it. Parents, carers and grandparents came in to join us too; thank you to them.  We really enjoyed our reading activities.  We played phonics games, practised reading and spelling the KS1 Common Exception Words, recited poetry, read playscripts and big books, as well as collections of books by the same author. We’re looking forward to spending our £1 World Book Day token!


Year 2

2nd March 2017

Yr 2 Elm Class – PERFORM Drama Workshop Feb 2017

The Funky Fairy visits King’s Lodge School


Class Elm was really excited when we did our drama lesson.  Our teacher, Rosie Sweet, had a role as Funky Fairy.  She took us into Fairytale Forest, where we saw all of the traditional tale characters.  She dressed up as the Red Queen.  We had to be as tall as stars.  She actually thought we were stars!


Sebastian R

24th February 2017


Yr 2 Elm Class – Baking Bread

As part of our learning about ‘changing materials’, Year 2 made and baked bread.  We used our maths skills to measure the flour, water and oil, and then mixed the ingredients together to make a dough.  We started kneading the dough and had to leave it for an hour to prove.

After that, we ‘knocked back’ the dough and put it in the school’s oven at 200°C for 25-30 minutes.

At the end of the day, everyone in Year 2 enjoyed eating the bread.  It was delicious!  We had learnt about measurements, how to make bread and how materials can be changed by heating.


Class Elm

28th February 2017